Wind Energy Pros and Cons

Wind Energy Pros and Cons discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using Wind as an renewable source of Energy.

Wind Energy Pros

Residential Wind Generators

  • Wind Power is free and in abundance in certain areas. The Wind Speeds are always higher on the shoreline, at the top of a hill, and in places free of obstructions. Obstructions such as trees (forests), mountains, buildings, silos, and other natural and man made structures.

  • Wind Power does not generate "Pollution", or radioactive waste. It does not consume any of the non-renewable resources such as coal, natural gas, or oil. It is a renewable energy.

  • Wind Power can generate enough energy for large numbers of people. By using larger turbines connected to an electrical grid it allows people the benefit of wind power without owning their own wind system.

  • It is a "permanent energy". The wind will exist until the end of the sun. About 5 billion years. Click Here for Information on Sun

  • Wind becomes "A Source of Power" during times when the electrical grid is out. For example, hurricanes, power outages, brown outs. Using wind power can provide you with the needed electricity.

  • With new technology, the cost of a residential wind power turbines have decreased significantly while increasing in their efficiency. It is reported that costs have decreased well over 60% since the 1980's. Wind power has no hidden costs, and it has become more cost-effective with each new round of technological advancements.

  • Wind is an excellent supplement to other renewable resources. For example, solar or hydro power.

  • Installing Residential Wind Power to your home can gain you tax credits and/or rebates from the Federal Level as well as possibly your state's level. Click on the "Uncle Sam Logo" to the Right for more Federal Information.

  • Wind energy is readily available around the globe, and therefore can lessen the dependence for energy for any country.

    Wind Energy Cons

  • The main "con" of wind power is the reliability of wind. You cannot expect the "same amount" of wind power to be generated by your wind turbine. If the Wind speed varies by only 10% (from 12 mph to a little under 11 mph, the production of wind power from the turbine can vary up to 25%!).

  • Wildlife can be endangered. Birds, especially Migrating Birds, are known to try to fly between the running blades, and they get hit by the blades.

  • Lightening causes the most damages to Wind Turbines. Mostly in part because of the tall thin steel shapes. Areas in warmer region are hit the most frequently.

  • Some people don't like the design of wind turbines. Long steel bars, or many of them that make up Wind Farms as pictured here.

  • Wind energy can only be stored with a battery.

  • Possible Noise Pollution -There is a low 'swoshing' sound from one home wind turbine. However, the noise from commercial wind turbines or from 'wind farms' is similar to the sound of a small jet engine.

  • The Site possibilities of the Turbine may be limited. You may live in a windy area, but the only place you can install it may be on your rooftop - which is next to a neighbors garage redirecting the wind. Or want to start a wind farm and all real estate is priced accordingly to how much wind energy the land has. A general idea of how much 'wind' is needed to power a small wind electric turbine is an "annual average speed" greater than 9 mph.

    Additional "Wind Energy Pros and Cons"

    (Issues listed below could fall into either "pros" or "cons" or neither....depending on the situation.)

  • Before installing any Renewable system, wind, solar or hydro, Check with your local government for any zoning regulations or laws.

  • Check out your neighborhood with the area you intend to place the wind turbine and be mindful of placement. Let your neighbor know ahead of time.

  • Look at the landscape of the possible wind turbine site and see what may change in the next 10-15 years you have your investment. Will your 'Home made wind power' be affected. Land for sale? New construction that may block the wind? Trees growing?

    Design is the key to building successful Wind Generators for the Home. Be sure to take into account the list of "Wind Energy Pros and Cons".

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