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Solar and Wind Power Combination

Solar and Wind Power COMBINATIONS....hold a lot of potential for the effort spent having to learn and plan 'twice as much', but it can really be worth it!

HYBRID....... Solar AND Wind Power

Solar and Wind Hybrid House

By creating a “HYBRID” - wind AND solar power system, it deals with solar power advantages and disadvantages and the same for wind power all at once!!! There are companies that sell and install everything you need to help eliminate the design complications.

It is also popular in these Combinations Systems to also include a back-up generator (usually diesel) to further reduce the need for ever needing power from the “grid”.

Solar and Wind Grid

A lot of these systems are...

used as "stand alone systems". That means they are completely independent of an outside power source, otherwise known as “The Grid” or even simpler, the utility company.

This is an extremely useful design especially if you choose to live in a remote location, where the cost of connecting a power line to the electricity grid can cost between $15,000 to $50,000 per mile. That's right, you read right... it's not a misprint. Hybrid Diagram

So. if you're thinking

....of building your dream home in one of those far out “away from everybody” locations, then designing in a wind and solar power system with a back-up generator and “the works” is almost a 'no brain-er'!

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