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What makes a Pinwheel spin?

Homemade Pinwheels

A Pinwheel spins when you blow on it or let the wind Catch its 'blades'. Kind of like a Wind Mill. Wind is "MOVING AIR"!

How does the wind come to be?

Well, some of the earth is in direct sunlight and the climate is warm and that air is warm. Other parts of the Earth is in indirect sunlight and much cooler and that air is cold. Hot air rises and the cold air sinks closer to the earth and fills in where the hot air left to rise. This movement of air is called, you guessed it... "Wind". Wind is invisible, but we can see what wind does! Blows leaves, blows snow, and it will spin our Pinwheel 'if; we have it in the right direction.

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Now, let's make a Homemade Pinwheel!

You will need:

Pinwheel Supplies

Pinwheel Pattern

  • 1) "Sharpened" pencil, nail or hole puncher.
  • 2) Scissors.
  • 3) A copy of the Pinwheel Pattern, or make your own with a ruler. CLICK ON THE PATTERN TO THE RIGHT TO BRING YOU TO THE PATTERN PAGE.
  • 4) White or Colored Construction Paper, a thicker stock than paper for longevity.
  • 5) Items to design your personal Pinwheel. For example: Crayons, Markers, Stickers, Colored pencils, or little bit of Glitter. Don't use too much glitter or it won't spin.
  • 6) A Paper Fastener. They are called "brad"s, in the stationary departments at stores.
  • 7) A Colored Plastic Straw.
  • 8) A very thin wooden stick or "Skewer"(like for shish kabob's), cut small enough to fit into the 7/8 of the straw to strengthen the "Pinwheel's Wand".
  • 9) Tape - to secure the stick in so it does not fall out of the straw.

    STEPS to follow to Design Your Own Pinwheel.

  • 1. If you printed out the pattern for the pinwheel, go to STEP 2. If you didn't, take a piece of construction paper and lay it out to be the same height as the width. Make it perfectly square as possible. Then, click on the "Pinwheel Pattern" and duplicate the lines and circles with your pencil and ruler. Click Here if you still need the Pinwheel Diagram!
  • 2. Design each section of the Pinwheel with your own personal design. Use Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, Sticker, etc... Don't worry about going out over the edge, we'll take care of that in step #3. Remember to decorate each side of the paper! Take your time and be creative.

  • 3. Cut-Out the outside square of the Pinwheel Pattern.

  • 4. Then Cut the Cut slanted lines from the four corners to the center circle. Do Not Cut into that big center circle. That is what holds the Pinwheel together.

  • 5. Use a hole puncher, (or the nail or the sharp pencil) to poke a hole through the 4 small circles.

  • 6. Lightly bend the 4 small holes (try not to "fold" them with a crease) to meet the center of the bigger circle.

  • 7. Then work the paper fastener (or brad) through the four holes to meet the center of the big circle, then push the fastener through the center of the bigger circle. Have a helper hold it while you get the wand ready.

  • 8. Take the sharpened pencil or nail and poke a whole through the straw about a half inch from the top. Make sure the hole is a nice size hole because the brad, or paper fastener needs to spin in it freely.

  • 9. (This step is optional) Insert the thin wooden stick or (skewer) into the straw to strengthen the straw from bending, just don't have it interfere with the fastener. Secure the stick by adding tape to bottom. (You can also just wrap tape around straw several times to add strength.)

  • 10. Now place the straw on the 'back' of your pinwheel and push the ends of the fastener through the hole in your straw. Then open up fastener by "lightly" flattening the ends in opposite direction. You may have to adjust the fastener to allow pinwheel to spin freely.


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