Easy to Understand Solar Energy

"Easy to Understand Solar Energy" is dedicated to those who find it hard to grasp how solar energy works. (Or explaining "solar energy for kids" to understand..start here.) Look at each picture, starting at #1, and read along on the left of the diagram. Click HERE for More info-"Women and Solar" page

Understanding Solar Energy

1. Capture Solar Energy or Lose it. When the sun shines, the light from the sun can be captured and turned into usable electrical energy through a solar panel (or a wind turbine, which looks like a pinwheel when using wind). SEE Letter "a.".

Letter "b." shows where the electricity from the solar panel will go if you can't 'store' the electricity. In this case, it is not captured so that energy is now lost.

Easy to Understand Solar Energy

2. Use it (c.) or Collect & Store it (b.). In this diagram, the solar energy is being saved. Diagram b. shows the electricity is being stored in a (bucket) battery which we can use later, especially at night.

Diagram (c.) shows a light bulb is lit from the electricity from the solar panel. So this energy is not stored, but used up as it is made. Please note; between the solar panel and the light bulb a charge controller is needed to regulate the proper amount of solar electricity. It is left out in this diagram for simplicity.

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